The ten most common mistakes in writing paper

May 8, 2015
  1. Failure to follow instructions.

  2. Too many fonts on the title page.

  3. Inconsistent formatting in the body of the manuscripts.

  4. Errors in the punctuation of references in the List of References.

  5. Failure to indicate the variability and/or reproducibility of resutls.

  6. Results that are given to a degree of accuracy that far exceeds the accuracy of measurements.

  7. Graphs and histograms without indications of standards deviations.

  8. Failure to distinguish between molecular mass (in kilodaltons) and molecular weight (a relative value, without units).

  9. Indiscriminate use of nouns as adjectives.

  10. The use of “briefly” instead of “in brief.”

Guide to Publishing a Scientific Paper, Ann M. Korner.